WBER Local Show Poster Project


90.5 fm WBER

It’s music. It’s concerts. It’s very easy to step up and help.

90.5 fm WBER is a listener and school district supported non-commercial alternative radio station owned and operated by the Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Serving the Rochester and Western New York area since 1985, as a real life training ground for students interested in the television and radio broadcasting arts.

The station has limited funds for marketing and survives on the passion of its listeners to help spread their brand promise of the “Only Station That Matters”.

To the left are samplings of posters and viral campaigns created over the years.

Winner of several Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF) American Advertising Awards (ADDY).

Gold: Indie Poster (Special Recognition for Illustration)
Silver: Ingrid Michaelson Concert Poster
Gold: Local Show Poster Project

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