Comic books are destined to live a lonely life.

The best ones are sequestered in plastic. Stored away in cardboard boxes only to be occasionally enjoyed by the cover.  Its story, illustrations, and heroes are trapped in time by a simplified villainous trap set by the comic books true archenemy­: The Elements. Exposure to air, water, mold, and oils from hands. The Hero Collage series sets our heroes free and over exaggerates them. With their large size, the viewer is forced to be overwhelmed by the story. Every Hero Collage takes comics and re-imagines them into unique works of art. The focus is taking what is meant to be viewed as linear, and explode it on a flat surface to be enjoyed all at once.

Each Hero Collage consists of only certain comics within the book title.  There is an intentional choice to exploit certain story lines. No other random comic titles are included as filler. Each comic book resigns itself to sacrifice through selection.  It is a puzzle without directions.

The end result is a nostalgic filled experience. Viewers explore, read, and view the story while reminiscing back to a simpler time when life’s demands were just to simply read a comic book. Even if that the comic book was safely secured in plastic, in your closet, away from the light.