A Song of Greatness

 In My Little Buddy

AJ PoemAaron had to write-up a theme for a poem at school titled, A Song of Greatness it’s a Chippewa Traditional Poem by Mary Austin.

This is his write-up:

The theme of the poem, “A Song of Greatness” is that everyone can be a hero. In the first stanza, it says, “When I hear old men telling of heroes, telling great deeds of ancient days, when I hear them telling, then I think within me I too am one of these” That means the kid thinks it of himself of a hero. I know that because It’s talking about a boy looking up to grownups, and thinking he can make a difference as well. Also it says, “I too when my time comes shall mightily.” That means when he gets older he will make a difference. Now you know the main theme of the Poem, “A Song of Greatness.”

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