14 Things I Love and Hate v3.0

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LoveFest ImageThis year is the third installment of the Valentine’s Day Love/Hate list.
(Here are links to version 1 and version 2)

I thought I’d switch up and focus on 14 individuals in my life. For each of these 14, I will chose one thing I love, and one thing I hate.

Yes, about them.

They are in no particular order… well except for the first five. Let’s begin:

14 Things I Love and Hate v3.0

I love that despite all my faults Julie loves me.
I hate that Julie is usually right.

I love that Joey made me a father.
I hate that real soon Joey will not be living in our home.

I love that Rebekah is my only daughter.
I hate that at times Rebekah struggles.

I love that Aaron completes our family.
I hate that Aaron misses out on experiences due to his size. Even though he’s willing.

I love that Max brings more joy to my children than I ever thought possible.
I hate that Max doesn’t sleep in his crate at night.

I love that T.C. forces me to laugh.
I hate that T.C. and I were not playground friends since Kindergarten.

I love that Jennifer keeps me motivated to run.
I hate that Jennifer was not my sister from birth.

I love that Mike pushes me outside my comfort zone.
I hate that Mike still has yet to finish that pantry.

I love that Lisa is way more grounded than me.
I hate that Lisa doesn’t blog about how wonderful it is to own a fish tank anymore.

I love that Chuck (and sometimes his daughter Lily) and I Skype Thursday nights at WBER.
I hate that Chuck and I are so far apart.

I love that Courtney is my work wife.
I hate that Courtney, like Julie, is usually right.

I love that Adell cherishes her Sunday afternoons.
I hate that Adell and I have not been in a show together since Steel Pier.

I love that Katelin is fearless.
I hate that Katelin has very good aim with a mustard bottle for it cuts into our Karaoke chances.

I love that Matt takes the road less traveled.
I hate that Matt takes way better Instagram pictures than me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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