My Apologies Mr. Google

According to my daughter Rebekah, I’m famous.

I’m famous because Google said so. She told me that on the last day of school she did a Google search on me, and since I came up first and really multiple times I must be famous, because in her words…“Only famous people are on Google.”

It was sweet. Now, I don’t expect Rebekah to understand the concept of the search engines, spiders and keywords just yet. It’s hard enough for the educated adult to understand proper SEO. Anyone, not just the famous, can make it to the top of a search list if your active in your profession and participate in social circles. What I liked about her “you are famous” comment is that she’s really saying that she’s proud of her papa, of what I do for a living, and after all that, I am her father and that makes me important to her.

Sorry Google, that’s all the notoriety I need.

(However, a Wikipedia page would be nice… just sayin’)

2 thoughts on “My Apologies Mr. Google

  1. I thought of doing a wikipedia page myself on myself. Just for fun.

    I remember googling myself a long time ago. I never did actually find anything on “me”, Now only a few months later I own most of the first page of google with my website and social media circles. I know how great it can actually be. Even if nobody else knows how it works, it makes it even more magical.

    someone may also consider helping your children become “e-famous” by helping their name rank first on google too?

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