The Reverse of Polarity

I used to play with magnets and their wonderful Star Wars force like powers. A quick slide across the table and I was Yoda moving magnets without touching them. “Mmm, move a magnet with my mind, I will.” It’s simple science… opposite poles attract, similar poles repel.

However, life is not as simple. Somehow it happened. The polarity has shifted with my children, and it happened when I least expected. My reach in’s for kisses are met with an equal repel away like two magnets both turned to the south polarity.

The polarity of the camera repels them when I attempt to take their picture. They move equally fast away when I reach in for a hug at the check-out line at Target. The latest magnet to shift is with Rebekah. She gets embarrassed when I say we are on a date.

Well at least she still holds my hand. For now.

That, along with the couch foot massages are my last two Magnets.

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